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[CLOSED] Garden by MADoptables
[CLOSED] Garden
Practicing lighting + background!
this time I also want to try with non-humanoid characters, so I'm accepting any species!
character will be chibi!

Crossposting on FA:…

Starting Bid: $50/5000:points:
Minimun Increase: $5/500:points:
Autobuy: $150/15000:points:

Current Offer:
$60 by boyfriend-kun

Ends 3 days after the last bid!

> Male or female characters are both okay!
> Any species! (human, humanoid, anthro, kemonomimi, canine, feline, etc) it will be a chibi tho

the coloring will be something like this:


> Bid in the "Bid Here" comment (or the highest bid if you prefer), no retract bids! serious offers only please!
> Be ready to pay within 48h after the auction ends
> I'll show you WIPs of the process and the final full resolution pic through a note
> Commissions are for personal use only!
[CLOSED] Vampire Plushmaid by MADoptables
[CLOSED] Vampire Plushmaid
Closed a little earlier because I have to go to sleep xwx

aaand here's the Vampire!
as the Werewolf was the winner for the DTA the Vampire is now open for OTA :>

Plushmaids species info:

Vampire Plushamid:
they're an special kind of Plushmaid and one of the few kind of Plushmaid that have the ability of absorbing magic energy from other Plushmaids. Vampire Plushmaids prefer to be in shady places since the light makes their magic to be less effective. Vampire Plushmaids are often seen at night rather than during the day
Werewolf Plushmaid DTA contest:

Crossposting on FA:…


> Offer in the "Offer Here" comment please, you can offer:

> Money/points-only offers > minimun offer > $30/3000Points (if you're offering money/points-only, please reply to the highest money/points offer)
> Art (digital, traditional, pixel, etc) (Please be specific about type and quantity...Here are my characters' refs just in case: )
> A mix of money, points and/or art (if you're offering also art, money/points can be any amount)
> Please DON'T offer other adopts or customs, I'm not interested on these óuòU

> FOR ART OFFERS, THERE'S A DEADLINE OF 3 MONTHS TO COMPLETE THE OFFER, otherwise the adopt will be put on sale again (though depending on the progress shown we can discuss an extension for the deadline)
> PLEASE DON'T LET MONEY OFFERS DISCOURAGE YOU FROM OFFERING ART! it's true that atm my priority is the money since I'm saving to buy a new laptop, but I'm always interested in getting nice art of my characters! and one never knows whose style is gonna catch my interest!

AB: $75/7500:points:


> MONEY IS PREFERRED! If you're buying with cash, you have 48h max to send the payment, otherwise I'll put the adopt back for sale...if you have bought from me before we can discuss a hold for the adopt in case that you need more time to get the money
> From now on, with exception of the 48h stated to send the payment, I won't be accepting holds unless you've bought from me before or if you pay part of the payment in the first 24h and the rest later
> You can co-own the character
> PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, BE SURE THAT YOU WANT TO ADOPT THE CHARACTER, it's kind of disappointing when an offer is accepted and days later it's backed out

> Once the character is yours, you can change him/her whatever you want (hair, gender, colors, etc) but not species traits 
> If your offer includes cash you can resell the character but only at the same price you payed for it or less (only exceptions are if you have commissioned art of the character, gift art or art made by yourself doesn't count since it's free)
> You can trade/giveaway the character

OTA will end in 3 days from now!

Any question feel free to ask!

Art, character design and species © MADoptables
Custom: Werewolf Plushmaid by MADoptables
Custom: Werewolf Plushmaid
This was an special custom for :iconfenharelx: ! and I gotta love how it turned out 8D

Customs are closed! please don't ask me about them!

Character (c) FenHarelx
Art, design and species (c) MADoptables
[OPEN DTA CONTEST] Werewolf Plushmaid by MADoptables
[OPEN DTA CONTEST] Werewolf Plushmaid
Alright! so I was supposed to open the contest earlier but I got slept X'D...after the voting the chosen one for the DTA was the Werewolf Plushmaid so here we go!

Plushmaids species info: (if you have any question about the species that may help you with your idea for the piece, feel free to ask!)

Werewolf Plushmaid: they're an special kind of Plushmaid and one of the few kind of Plushmaid that have two appearances. The wolf transformation can be achieved at any time, but when there's a full moon night the full moon increases their use of magic and allow them to keep this appearance for a longer period of time, under normal circumstances the transformation may last a couple of hours at most...once they come back to ther regular appearance they will be totally exhausted and will require to recover their energy


>There will be a maximun of 3 entries per person, and remember: Quality > Quantity
> You may draw any of their two appearances!
> You don't need to ask for join! everyone can join (:
> You must draw the character (you can also give him a name, story, personality,etc; but these are optional)...and please, don't alter the design
> It can be any kind of art (digital, traditional, pixel, animation, etc)...if it's traditional please be sure to submit a good quality photo in case that you don't have a scanner
> You may submit sketches as well, but every entry must have at least flat colors...and remeber that I'll be judging mainly the effort put into it, final result, composition, idea, etc
> There's a limit of 3 entries per person! (multiple sketches in a same sheet counts as 1 entry)
> No bases allowed
> You may not sell the character! trade it, gift it or give it away is ok though!
> Comment here with the link to your entry

with nothing left to say I just hope you guys have fun and enjoy drawing the character!

End Date: Oct 31 at 11:59pm UTC -5 

Hope to see some people interested XD


Art, character design and species © MADoptables
Incoming Halloween DTA event! by MADoptables
Incoming Halloween DTA event!
Edit: so far there are 21 votes for the Werewolf and 12 for the Vampire! will be closing the voting on monday and the DTA will start right after!
also, the one that doesn't get chosen for the DTA will be put for OTA at the same time :]


Hey guys! for this month I'm planning to do a DTA event with these special Plushmaids!

for those who don't know, DTA means "draw to adopt" and it's like a kind of contest where you have to draw the adoptable and the winner gets the adopt 8D

These are special Plushmaids made only for special ocassions such as Halloween in this case
if you're interested, which of them would you like it to be?

1. Werewolf
2. Vampire

please let me know in the coments! the one that gets more votes will be the one used for the DTA 8D!

[Under Construction]

First of all I apologize if there is any mistake, English is not main language XD


[Plushmaids a closed species]

This is just for fun and if you adopt one of them you don't have to follow this canon if you don't want to. 
The information can be edited later~



ssss by MADoptables

Some examples:…


As they are plushies their appearance may vary a lot, this includes the type of ears, the shape of the hands, the knot of the tail and the eyes...additionally they may have details like horns, wings, more visible seams, buttons, etc

(for this species I don't want to
restrict the traits as I want to have more freedom at the moment to draw them, so in this case, there's not traits rarity, only general traits...however, there can be other type of Plushmaids in the future that may be considered rare as a whole)

Special (not available for myo):

Based on food or other themes (i.e. tiramisu based plushmaid, valentine's day themed plushmaid, etc)

(these can be considered as a different type of Plushmaid and will be drawn mostly in special ocassions, as mentioned previously, these can be considered rare)


Incoming Halloween DTA event! by MADoptables


Story and Behavior:

Plushmaids, as their name suggest, are living mermaid plushies. They were created by a magical being who is told to have the appearance of a kid and who have a undying love for mermaids. This being is the responsible of crafting them and bring them to live with the use of magic, then, free them so they can go wherever they want to...with the use of the magic used to create them, they can give life to other plushies for a short amount of time, depending on the size of the plushy and how many time it will be "alive" it will consume more energy and will cause the Plushmaid to get tired/weak faster

There are two ways for a Plushmaid to recover their magic energy. The slower way is by sleeping, for a Plushamid to be fully "charged" with energy they must sleep at least 5 hours...the faster way is being in contact with water, either floating on it or fully submerged, it takes about 1-2 hours for a Plushmaid to recover their energy while being inside a source of water

They're usually very playful and curious about their surroundings and tend to explore the place where they are located in search for interesting stuff...They can live in almost anywhere but they prefer places near to water sources, though they prefer small water sources (like ponds or rivers) instead of large bodies of water

don't like fire as they are made of silk or other flammable materials, and have to be very careful as they can also being torn, however they can be easily sewed back if they experience any injury



Plushmaids can give life to other plushies for a brief period of time

Special Plushmaids often have abilities that regular Plushmaids don't


Physical Appearance:

Average size: 50cm - 1m (from ears to tail)
Average time of life: indefinitely, as they're plushies


That for now XD
I will update if I have more info :>
If you have any question feel free to ask! C:

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